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Three Positive Changes Veterans Can Make When Home Care Is Needed

The moment home care is needed, it’s not always agreeable to that individual who needs assistance. In other words, an aging veteran might realize he or she is no longer comfortable or safe within their own home, but they are resistant to the idea of outside help. In reality, though, home care can be one of the better options veterans and others could consider.

Care for Aging Veterans in Reston VA: Three Positive Changes

Care for Aging Veterans in Reston VA: Three Positive Changes

Yes, relying on family is fine.

However, most family members will have limited time to devote to this individual. They may be able to help for a while, but often as aging seniors require assistance, they will call on help more and more frequently as they realize just how beneficial it can be.

In time, many people start to realize that experienced care is a better option. That’s where home care through an agency can be so instrumental. It can provide veterans from all walks of life many positive changes they didn’t think were possible before.

First Positive Change: Their attitude.

When a person is struggling with their own basic care it can be frustrating. It can cause an individual to feel as though their self-worth is almost nothing. When a veteran has gone through the rigors of boot camp, taking care of their brothers and sisters in arms, and then the rest of their life and family, it’s difficult to stay positive when struggling with everyday activities.

With a home care aide, somebody who has experience, that will change. That’s because these veterans start to realize they’re not alone in this struggle. These home care aides with experience can often share stories about other clients they’ve had so these veterans realize the challenges they face are not that dissimilar to what others go through on a regular basis.

Second Positive Change: They may exercise more.

With physical assistance in the form of a home care aide, these aging and disabled veterans might start to actually exercise more frequently. That can improve their health, possibly leading to less dependence on other caregivers.

Third Positive Change: Their diet.

By changing one’s diet, it could have a lasting impact in their life. It might allow them to be healthier, have more energy, and feel better about many other aspects in their life.

Some of these veterans may not know exactly how to change their diet, but qualified and experienced home care aides may be able to assist in preparing good, hearty, healthy meals that also taste great.

These changes could lead to years and years of positive, quality life for veterans who need support and assistance daily.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for aging veterans in Reston, VA, call the caring staff at Medical Professionals On Call today. 703-273-8818.

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Michelle DeFilippis

I graduated with a BS degree and had been selling medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and technicians. More recently, a family member was diagnosed with dementia and we, as a family, realized we were not prepared t care for her. We were thrown into that whirlpool of hospital stays, 24/7 live-in care, skilled care, caring for mom ourselves and finally, now daily home care. This was such a stressful time that I started thinking there had to be other people, other families as overwhelmed and unprepared as we were.

Medical Professionals On Call has such a caring, professional staff who are available to step in with whatever level of care necessary for loved ones and to relieve you of that stress.

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