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If You Don’t Manage Anxiety as a Family Caregiver, It Could Lead to Increased Health Risks

By Michelle DeFilippis | Apr 30, 2018
Caregiver Stress in McLean VA: Managing Anxiety

Just because you’re taking care of your spouse who recently suffered a medical emergency or injuries doesn’t mean you’re immune to stress and anxiety. Caregiver stress affects almost every person who takes on this all-important job. Most of these family members don’t think about it as a job, but rather their responsibility or duty. If…

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Three Ways You Can Become Emotionally Fatigued Caring for Someone Else

By Julie and Brendan McCormick | Jan 22, 2018
Caregiver Stress in Clark County VA: Emotional Fatigue

Emotional fatigue will happen not because you’re not getting enough sleep at night, but because you are completely worn out. You might be overstressed, dealing with tremendous financial pressure, worried about an aging parent or other individual who is struggling with their own basic care, and no matter what you do, it never seems to…

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The Moment Both Parents Need Help, It’s Time to Discuss Home Care

By Cliff Glier | Dec 28, 2017
Caregiver Stress in Arlington VA: When Both Parents Need Help

Taking care of or looking after an aging parent can be difficult enough. That can cause a tremendous amount of stress for the family caregiver. It might require them to stop by their house in the morning, check in with them, possibly helping them get out of bed and get dressed. That’s not always the…

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5 Ways to Better Care for Yourself as a Caregiver

By Michelle DeFilippis | Dec 26, 2017
Caregiver Stress in Fairfax VA: Taking Care of Yourself

Few people ever envision themselves becoming a caregiver for a spouse, adult child who was injured or disabled in an accident, or even an elderly parent. We rarely think about these things because we have a tendency to push negative thoughts out of our minds. However, in the United States right now there are an…

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