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Three Positive Changes Veterans Can Make When Home Care Is Needed

By Michelle DeFilippis | Feb 27, 2018

The moment home care is needed, it’s not always agreeable to that individual who needs assistance. In other words, an aging veteran might realize he or she is no longer comfortable or safe within their own home, but they are resistant to the idea of outside help. In reality, though, home care can be one…

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Just Because You Don’t Know About Aid and Attendance Doesn’t Mean Your Aging Father Doesn’t

By Julie and Brendan McCormick | Feb 26, 2018

Your father served some time during the Vietnam War. You don’t really know much about his time of service because he never talked about it in detail. You understood that it was toward the end of the conflict and that yes, he was stationed somewhere in Southeast Asia, but beyond that you know little. As…

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If an Aging Veteran and His Wife Were Benefiting from Aid and Attendance, and He Passes, She Might Need to Reapply

By Cliff Glier | Nov 29, 2017

John and Cheryl were in their 80s when they applied for the Aid and Attendance Benefit. This is a pension made available through the VA for qualifying veterans and their dependents. It provided a little more than $1,500 per month for this elderly couple to pay for home care support. When they looked into this,…

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A Cup of Coffee with Friends Can Boost Spirits for an Aging Veteran Relying on Home Care Support

By Cliff Glier | Mar 24, 2017

John is 82 years old and, as a veteran of the United States Army, has taken a great deal of pride in not just taking care of himself and his family, but even being there for friends who needed help through the years. Recently, though, he suffered a major medical emergency and he considered himself…

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