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The Senior Who Refuses Home Care Might Feel Fine, but What Does Their Refrigerator Say?

You’ve been concerned about your elderly father for some time. You live in the same town so you’ve taken it upon yourself to look after him. You stop by every couple of days to check in, go to the store to do some shopping with him, and even help him with certain tasks around the house that have become a bit too challenging for him. You know he would benefit from home care, but he keeps saying he’s fine.

Home Care for Seniors in Prince William County VA: Checking Your Senior's Fridge

Home Care for Seniors in Prince William County VA: Checking Your Senior’s Fridge

Could his refrigerator say otherwise?

Unless every time you stop by to look in on him you are going through his refrigerator, throwing out food that has long since expired, or helping him get groceries to keep the cupboards and refrigerator full, you might be surprised at the condition of things in this simple device.

A person’s refrigerator can say a lot about their overall health.

Whether your father is in his 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, what he eats will have a direct impact on his overall health. If his refrigerator is stocked full of frozen meals, that’s not a lot of nutritional value. He might simply throw something in the microwave every night and devour it, but if he’s not getting adequate nutrition, he could feel anxious, fatigued, run down, or get sick more frequently than he should for somebody his age.

What if his refrigerator is full of moldy food?

Some family members are often surprised at the condition of their aging parents’ refrigerator. They might stop by one afternoon, having flown in for a quick visit, and go to grab something to drink. They see a few plastic containers of what may have once been a food item but now resembles a child’s Play-Doh experiment.

Some refrigerators are almost completely barren. An elderly person might no longer drive or have any other way to get to the store, so they do the best they can. Maybe once or twice a month a friend or neighbor will bring them to the store quickly, and they buy a few items at the most, or they simply forget to go shopping frequently.

If somebody you care about is of advancing years and they say they don’t need a home care aide helping out, signs indicating the opposite could be everywhere, from the refrigerator to the bathroom, their bedroom to a stairwell, from their driving abilities to their choice of entertainment, and even the amount of time they spend alone feeling isolated, forgotten, and neglected.

It’s time to seriously talk about home care with them.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional home care for seniors in Prince William County, VA, please contact the caring staff at LivinRite Home Care. Call Us Today at (703) 369-6677. Serving Northern Virginia, The Valley, and Surrounding Communities.

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Julie and Brendan McCormick

LivinRite is a Medicare certified agency based in Manassas, VA. Since 2003 we have been committed to providing the best home health care available. Our Company was started by a Registered Nurse who still owns and operates the company today.

Julie McCormick and Brendan McCormick are co-owners and founders of livinrite home health and Caregiving solutions. Between the two of them comes over 15 years of Home Health care experience. Julie is a RN with years of experience in the ER/ICU and still operates
today as the director of nursing at LivinRite.

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