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The Senior Who Refuses Home Care Might Feel Fine, but What Does Their Refrigerator Say?

By Julie and Brendan McCormick | Apr 30, 2018
Home Care for Seniors in Prince William County VA: Checking Your Senior's Fridge

You’ve been concerned about your elderly father for some time. You live in the same town so you’ve taken it upon yourself to look after him. You stop by every couple of days to check in, go to the store to do some shopping with him, and even help him with certain tasks around the…

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Home Care Aides Can Alleviate Guilt of Saying ‘No’ to Caregiving

By Michelle DeFilippis | Oct 30, 2017
Home Care for Seniors in Herndon VA: Saying No to Caregiving

One of the most difficult things people face when an elderly loved one requires assistance is saying no. We want to be there for our aging parents, our spouse, a brother or sister, our grandparents, and others. When we know somebody is having difficulty with their own basic care, when we are concerned about their…

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Home Care Is a Wonderful Option When a Spouse Needs a Break

By Julie and Brendan McCormick | Oct 27, 2017
Home Care for Seniors in Fairfax County VA: Respite Care

Looking after someone, taking care of them, and supporting them is a difficult job, whether it’s part-time or full-time. When a spouse is looking after their elderly husband or wife, it is far too easy for family and friends to assume everything’s okay, especially if they aren’t complaining. However, in the evening hours, when no…

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How Will You Know if Short or Long-Term Home Care Will Be Needed?

By Cliff Glier | Aug 28, 2017
Home Care for Seniors in Gainesville VA: Short-Term vs. Long-Term Care

There is a difference between short and long-term home care support. Short-term care is usually for a matter of days or weeks. It could also be for a couple of months. Anything more than that usually begins to slip into the realm of long-term care. Why do we need to know the difference? Far too…

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