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One Simple Modification Can Improve Safety for Many Seniors at Home

Sometimes it’s easy to believe that making various renovations to improve safety for a senior at home will require a significant investment, major work, and a bit of a hassle. Well, even if it is a ‘hassle,’ it is well worth the inconvenience if it keeps an aging person safer at home.

However, there are numerous potential renovations that can be made in the home of an elderly man or woman, whether they are yet dealing with health issues, limited mobility, or other challenges.

Senior Home Safety in Springfield VA: Installing Grab Bars

Senior Home Safety in Springfield VA: Installing Grab Bars

One simple renovation is to install grab bars.

Grab bars are not the same as towel bars. These are usually placed in a tub or shower surround. They are designed to assist an aging or disabled adult into and out of the tub. They can grab onto these bars and have their entire weight supported by them.

If they are installed improperly, though, they might be just about as effective as towel bars. In other words, if they’re not anchored into the wall studs and are rather just placed into the vinyl tub surround or ceramic tile surface of the shower or tub, and if somebody grabs onto them, especially if they are slipping and losing their balance, it could rip free of the wall.

Grab bars, properly installed, keep people from falling.

It’s effective for not just seniors, but others who may have difficulty with their mobility, balance, or strength in their legs. Another asset that grab bars offer is that they can be installed in other areas as well, not just in the tub or shower surround. For example, they can be installed around the toilet.

If somebody’s having difficulty easing down onto and getting back up from a toilet, they can hold onto these bars instead of just relying on the strength in their legs to support them.

This one simple, non-invasive home renovation or modification can be incredibly beneficial at keeping an elderly man or woman, couple, or even a disabled adult safer when they have to take a shower or ‘take care of business.’

Coupled with grab bars, a shower seat can provide an opportunity for that senior to sit down while bathing. That can give their legs a chance to rest, and they may require the grab bar a little less in order to stay safe.

Finally, in the bathroom, safety is also improved by laying out nonslip mats on the linoleum or ceramic tile floor surface. When those floors get wet, they can become slick and providing traction for an aging person can improve safety dramatically.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Springfield, VA, call the caring staff at Medical Professionals On Call today. 703-273-8818.

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Michelle DeFilippis

I graduated with a BS degree and had been selling medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and technicians. More recently, a family member was diagnosed with dementia and we, as a family, realized we were not prepared t care for her. We were thrown into that whirlpool of hospital stays, 24/7 live-in care, skilled care, caring for mom ourselves and finally, now daily home care. This was such a stressful time that I started thinking there had to be other people, other families as overwhelmed and unprepared as we were.

Medical Professionals On Call has such a caring, professional staff who are available to step in with whatever level of care necessary for loved ones and to relieve you of that stress.

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